hemsida diogenes vänster

Diogenes to the Figurativas competition

The Figurativas is an international annual competition for figurative art organised by the Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes in the Mueso Europeu d’Art Modern in Barcelona. The foundation was created in 2005 with the objective to support and defend contemporary figurative art and artists. I’m pleased that my sculpture Diogenes and her mind …

arantza spikar

Congoleese inspiration

“Healing” is a series of portraits inspired by African fetish sculptures. The inspiration to pierce the portraits with hundreds of rusty nails arrived after seeing so called “Minkondis”. They are religious idols made by the Congo people, used to protect villages from evil powers. The villagers also hammer nails into the idols to awaken the spirits …

skvalleb 2

See what I’m up to

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Minds is a series of portraits hanging in rusty chains from the ceiling. I have turned the heads into cages because our minds can sometimes be like cages. Once you let something inside your mind it can get stuck in there. And we don’t know how to release it even if we want to. Some …