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I’m a  contemporary sculptor from Viken in the south of Sweden.  My artistic journey began in Florence in 2007. I completed a four year 19 century program at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Since then sculpture has been my full time occupation. The profession has taken me to many interesting places in the world and in life. The last four years I’we been based in Barcelona where I have my studio in the neighbourhood of Raval. Meanwhile I’we been teaching figurative sculpture, painting and drawing at the Barcelona Academy of Art, where I also managed the sculpture program. I produce my work in Spain but frequently exhibit it in Sweden with yearly exhibitions in Viken and Helsingborg. Through the years my sculptures have also ended up in private and public collections around the globe. The creative process is my passion and my drive. My intention is to make timeless art, raise questions about environmentalism and inspire joy for creativity.


I use a traditional representational sculpting method combined with an experimental and contemporary use of materials and expressions. My sculptures are first realized in clay using live models for reference. When the original is done I make a mold using silicone and plaster. The material of the final piece can vary. I try to always use materials that are harmless to myself and nature. I’m attracted to rough and natural textures that seem to have a life of their own, such as oxidized bronze, wood, rusty iron, bones etc. Sometimes I include found objects collected from nature or antique markets. The process has to be organic to allow the work to change and grow throughout it’s realisation. My work often become physical representations of my existential questions.

Art for me is a language that allows us to express and experience dimensions beyond the limitations of words. Art can have the power to evoke imagination, joy of life and appreciation for nature. These functions are very important in creating a healthy society. Yet they are very underestimated. I experience that state funded art institutions mainly prioritise art that can be used as a tool for political debate and forget about it’s esoteric functions. Very little attention and funds are given to the education and practice of crafts. To the extent that it in many circles its considered ugly to know how to draw properly. As a side effect of our consumer society art is expected to be made in a rush with little knowledge of technical skill. I believe this is a big misstake. Thanks to the mechanisation of labour we have more time than ever to practise art. So whats the rush? Practicing art and crafts can allow a temporary escape from our compulsory stream of thoughts. I believe this is one of the keys to healing our relationship with the planet.






2010-2011 Figure studies, oil painting, Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

2007-2010 Diploma in Figurative Sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy



2017 Head collector, Solo exhibition, Kulturhotellet, Helsingborg, Sweden

2017 Figurativas Competition, Museu Europeu d’Art Modern

2012-2017 Konstrundan Nordvästra Skåne, Yearly exhibition 

2012-2016 Bjäremålarnas sommarsalong, Båstad, Sweden, Yearly exhibition

2015-2016 Sommarsalong, Galleri Maralto, Smögen, Sweden, Group exhibition

2013-2015 Galleri Don Clarre, Torekov, Sweden, Yearly exhibition

2015 Sommarsalong, Galleri fabriken, Torekov, Sweden

2014 “Barcelona Academy of Art. MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

2013 “Figuratively speaking” Gallery Jager och Jansson, Lund, Sweden.

2013 Yoshio Nakajima Art Center, Råå, Sweden

2012 The Florence Academy of Art’s sixth alumni exhibition, Italy

2012 Kullasalongen, Juried exhibition, Krapperup, Nyhamnslage, Sweden

2011 Bernie Horton Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

2011 Haas collective gallery, Cape town, South Africa

2011 Il Palio“God’s own country” Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy

2011 Locanda degli Artisti, Florence, Italy


Acknowledgements and Awards

2017 Figurativas competition, Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, Barcelona, Spain

2013 Höganas city culture prize, Höganäs Sweden

2012 Art Renewal Centre, honorable mention Sculpture Category

2009-2010 Full tuition scholarship, Florence Academy of Art (FAA) Florence, Italy

2009 Best drawing of the year, FAA Sculpture department, Florence, Italy

2009 Spring tuition scholarship FAA, Florence, Italy

2008 Makarna Lindequists grant for promising artists, Göteborg, Sweden 


Public Assignments

2017 “Shiny happy people” Commission for Helsingborgshem, Sweden

2013 Restoration of Eric Ruth, terracotta statue for the city of Höganäs, Sweden

2010 Altar ornament for St. Josephs Cathedral in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on assignment by sculptor, Cody Swanson.

2009-2010 Special effects masks for opera and theatre, Fillistrucchi, Florence, Italy.


Educational assignments

2013-2017 Director of the sculpture program and principal instructor of academic drawing and sculpture at Barcelona Academy of Art, Barcelona, Spain

2013-2017 Private tutoring in academic drawing and sculpture

2014 Instructor of portraiture sculpture and cast making, Torekov Art Centre

2013 Instructor, drawing class, Pictura, Lund, Sweden

2012 Instructor of Photography, Bladins High school, Malmö, Sweden

2010-2011 Drawing instructor Florence Academy of Art, Sculpture department, Florence, Italy