Minds is a series of portraits hanging in rusty chains from the ceiling. I have turned the heads into cages because our minds can sometimes be like cages. Once you let something inside your mind it can get stuck in there. And we don’t know how to release it even if we want to. Some people reflect about what they have trapped in their cage. Others don’t.

My cage man symbolise the narrow minded type. The kind of person who has opinions thats never been questioned. Opinions that may have been inherited from a relative or imposed by society. The cage man has redirected his vision to the floor because he doesn’t want to see and make empirical conclusions. He is lazy and prefer to rely on ideas inherited by other cage men from past generations. It leads to a lot off suffering for himself and his surroundings.

The cage woman as well is suffering from some mind issues. She got some rusty garbage that she can’t seem to know how to release. Her cage has a door that is always unlocked. But she doesn’t seem to have discover how to open it. Or maybe she has just grown comfortable with it being closed.



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