Welcome to the opening of Head Collector, a solo exhibition in Gallery Kulturhotellet Helsingborg December 2

The head collector is a solo show by the sculptor Sara Stenlund. Sara was raised in Viken in the south of Sweden, trained in Florence and until now living in Barcelona. Her work combines in a unique way classical sculpture with modern and ethnic expressions. The exhibition The head collector is a collection of portraits created between 2013-2017 in Barcelona. The sculptures of varied size, material and style have been made in a process in many steps. Sara first sculpts them methodically in clay using live models for reference, casts them and decorate after intuition. The portraits are interpretations where the artists mood and vision are essential. Each sculpture is a portrait of the artist, the sitter and their relationship. The exhibition offers both humour and thoughtfulness and investigates who we are, where we come from, where we’re going and how to get there.

The opening takes place on Saturday December 2 at 14.00

Exhibition dates 2017.12.02-2018.01.13



Södergatan 15



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